Study Hall


Sandy curls; a mask,
But I can see your blue eyes
Those eyes,
full of light, full of love
for anyone.
Innoncence – I lost so long ago-
I find in you.
And the crazy thing is
We have yet to speak,
But your presence is unlike anyone
You, Your existence, is
Beautiful (I love you).
Every other day my heart leaps
As I walk through those doors
Into a room full of strangers.
Looking for you
My stranger.
And so we speak,
And so we love,
Until study Hall ends.
And I find it no surprise
Our love met again
My love,
My stranger.



Lotus of Innocence

to roots,
not deeply grounded.
to bud,
colors predetermined.
Sun comes.
Rain goes.


Contrast against the backdrop,
to wither and die away.



Submerged in misunderstandings
Burning to understand
Your spirit screams out but can’t find the words
Hidden in a self you do not know

Submerged in understanding
Burning to misunderstand
It’s like standing at the bottom of the ocean
Looking for dry land

Your spirit fights to find the words
Hidden in the foundations you broke long ago
Born to the arid air
It’s like drifting in a frustrated breeze
Trying to find snow



Half Past the Hour Glass

I was a little girl
Full of life
and love
and light.


The world was so small
so it seemed,
the world was me.


I was a girl
full of bitterness
and anger.


The world was getting smaller
So it seemed.


Am I a woman?
Who feels like an empty little girl
Swallowed by a wave

And everyday I drown more
Because there is just too much space to fill.


When did I fall overboard?



Hello! Somehow you have found my first blog (bare with me here)! I decided to create this page to display my writing, and to post my opinions and ideals on any subject that catches my fancy.

My love for writing started at a very young age, since elementary school I have been writing poetry, reading, and jotting down my ideas occasionally. Recently, I began keeping a journal which I intended to use as a therapeutic outlet; with no set standards, I write how I feel when I am overcome with anxiety, anger, depression, or even clarity and happiness. Slowly my journal began to fill with more poems than entries, and I have decided to share them with the world! Or whoever stumbles upon this page..

Although it has been hard for me to keep a routine of writing, this year I have decided to no longer let ideas come and go. It’s time to start writing things down! 

It is my hope that anyone who views my page will be inspired to dedicate a part of them self to pursuing what they love. I believe whatever brings you peace in such an anxious world is something that should not be let go of so easily. So fight laziness, depression, and the isolation we often put ourselves in when things get chaotic, and keep on keeping on. 

Comments, feedback- positive or negative- are welcome! 

Enjoy (or don’t)  my messy mind!