Though your gaze may stray

There was a small bridge that lead across a narrow valley
and I was always terribly afraid of heights.

You told me that I could make it, but I was thick with desperation.
So you went across first to demonstrate.

It was a beautiful view down in the valley, is what I was told.
You said the sun made the waterfalls shimmer like gold.

But I did not care for the view as my stomach was in knots,
and I believed every word you had said even if they were untrue.

So I crossed the patchy bridge and though it swayed I never looked down,
with my hands gripping the sides and my eyes straight ahead.

You looked once again over the cliff down at whatever you saw
Your eyes bright in awe.

But it was when I stepped off of the bridge and you turned your gaze to me
that I felt I had had the best view of all.


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