we cannot dismiss the past and current and future events;
we cannot play the puppeteer, or allow ourselves to be played any longer.
I sit and think about my life –
about our lives – about life
I sit and think about what life means
what life is…
life is not consuming hollowly- it is valueless and it is effortless.
life is not lived through televisions or cameras,
there is no lense that can capture the beauty of a moment, a true moment,
in all of its raw and violently beautiful form.
life is not a human experience, my friends,
this is a gift -this consciousness – to see and hear and feel and touch
all through the body and the mind!
the mind- I feel so trapped in my anxious thoughts as I am brainwashed
into a destructive consuming machine
I am afraid because I see how powerful
power can be
how hungry a black soul is to feed on nothingness and greed.
I am inside, beside, outside, wrapped around myself
as I try to understand how man can willingly enslave man to burn the Earth to dust
knowing we will suffocate and we will starve
and crumble even before we are burnt up by the stars
and yet,
we are bred and we are raised to believe that life is ownership
that it is a singular experience
no, no, we are just apart of something so much larger
but we are gifted with consciousness…and so we consciously burn it all.



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