A Silent Crescendo

I would like to give a forewarning before anyone continues to read this, or any of my posts: I am not an author, an expert in any specific field, I am just a young amateur writer, and a young adult, trying to find my way and trying to solve this increasingly impossible puzzle our race has created. I fear for us..

Recently, I have been spending a lot of time outdoors since the weather in my area has been nice. After such an endlessly cold winter, and a few rainy days to call spring, it seems my area has jumped right into summer and these 80 degree days have been so welcomed. The other day I was at a local Nature Center with a few friends and we ended up on the topic of the state of our Earth environmentally, something I think about often, among the other millions of things running through my head daily.

The current state of reality has really been weighing on my heart lately. It is as though we – humans- are partaking in a much larger piece of work; we are the side line characters, the group of citizens cast in a large film to emulate a busy street. We are so happy to be apart of something so large, to get our “fifteen minutes of fame”, yet completely oblivious to the much larger piece of work at hand. We are apart of something so much bigger than just ourselves, we are existing and consuming without taking on our responsibility to reality, to the earth, and to life itself.

We have accustom ourselves to the rapid increase of time (which I believe is a bi-product of technology) and immersed ourselves in selfishness, the very basic instinct that has allowed our race to flourish. The human machine is a magnificent creature, capable of of the most intense adaptation. However, our race has become extremely self-absorbed. We have entered a mass state of mind that is is centered around consumerism, societal fear and anxiety, and that has completely lost all sense of the core values of life.

When I say life I am not speaking of human values, morals, and institutions that have been created. I am speaking of the unwritten laws that exist in the universe that allow life to exist and continue. I believe there is a balance in all things. I believe in technology, I believe in creating and discovering, but I also believe in priorities. Technology has taken us such a long ways than where humans were hundreds- thousands of years ago. We have discovered and created so much that has done such good, but along with these discoveries have come such terrible things as well.

When I think about how rapidly the world has changed, and although I have to admit much technology has done good, I strongly believe that the creation of technology has been driven by such terrible desires. Money, I will forever find the idea of money perplexing. The fact that tangible value is what has corrupted the world. Why? Why must one hold a pile of gold, copper, or cloth in their hands to feel alive? Why is there a constant power struggle, and why has the mass not realized these things are destroying life.

Slavery will never end; The ancient Romans, Greek, Chinese, Egyptians, all utilized slavery for tangible wealthy. In America, we say Slavery has ended with the Emancipation Proclamation and we can’t wrap our heads around such a horrific idea. Yet we have enslaved ourselves to money, to social status, to laziness, gluttony, and greed. We have enslaved the earth to yield more than it can produce, we have raped the earth of all it’s wonder, and we have desolated it’s land, water, and sky. We have enslaved our fellow creatures- sky, sea, and land, to exploit them for tangible wealth, social status, for entertainment, experiment, and I’m sure more. We have created for only our wants, and yes needs, yet we have forsaken nature. We believe that living in a house with lights and preserved food makes us better than what we really are. We are one with everything.

Like I mentioned before, I believe in creation with real thought out purpose. We must not create without fully understanding how these creations will effect LIFE. All living things live in harmony. We have existed without obeying the law of respect for life itself. Our existence is no greater in significance than any other life form. A blade of grass though it may not comprehend anything, is no less significant in this world than you or I. We live creating, because we do not understand, we do not understand the concept of life. Always looking for the most complex answers diving into the unknown, creating theories and ideas and machines that get us no where but more divided from every living thing than before. To me, the answer to the purpose of life is to live in harmony; we are beings with the ability to create, so why have we decided to create what does not create balance? Perhaps there would not be such a struggle with we learned to unify. To dedicate our existence to making life for all creatures, specimens, and people good. Enough of the petty social class struggles, of flaunting and loving material possessions.

I’ll probably elaborate more on this topic another time… also, did you know Lions are extremely docile creatures? Why are we not taught this in school? I have grown up thinking Lions are dangerous predators yet they are extremely friendly..Wow..



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