Don’t let them fool you

For a long time I had a distorted view of love; I thought love was being with someone. I thought love was perfection, that some day there will be this everlasting happiness that one person will bring into my life. I thought love was wanting to be loved. It took me some time to realize what I thought wasn’t true, and no one wants to be wrong.. I’m still trying to figure everything out, about myself, about other people, and life.

Now I know love and self-worth are concepts that are often talked about and sometimes it gets tiresome to see such a frequent topic, but isn’t love what pretty much every person desires? The way I see it, love is the glue of our world and our existence as spiritual creatures. I think society has only taken but one part of this necessity and made it seem as if that was the whole.

Why wouldn’t they though? Our world has become an intricate business of preying on necessities; the ones we give power identify what is we need, and they take this into their advantage. We need food, so they give it to us, they learn how to make a lot of it at a very low cost even if that means it will hurt us. We need clothes, so they give it to us by making it the cheapest way, and using marketing techniques which target our vulnerable unconscious. They keep their power by making us think we’re in control, you live your life, you say ” I make my own decisions” and I wouldn’t argue otherwise, however, those decisions are influenced more than you know.

So they know what we need, and they take advantage of this all in the name of money and power. So lets get back to love. In my opinion and experience, it’s a necessity to every human, and possibly every creature, but lets just talk about people. So, they know what we need, and they know we need love. I would argue that this necessity is the most important of all in regards to life in its entirety, and I think they know that! So what have they done?

They molded such a need into what they want you to see it as; perfect, dependent, and something unattainable and unrealistic. Love is not prince charming coming to sweep you off your feet, you will not ride off into the sunset in a horse drawn carriage. If you do, good for you, but this just isn’t realistic. Love starts with you.

Yes, self-worth, gah I know. We hear it all of the time, but I think it’s true. I think love starts with you. If you can’t give yourself a basic need, which you are capable of doing, then you will become dependent of others to fulfill this need more than they are capable of. I think, there are many parts of love. The first being self-love, accepting yourself, flaws and all. This is again, where they want to corrupt this whole thing. Just think how powerful love truly is; if you love yourself, if you accept every flaw internally and externally, you are no longer under the invisible chains of society. Your mind will be free of the shackles of anxiety and there will be no unrealistic stress that would distract your mind. In my opinion, this is such a powerful thing.

There would be no boxes to live in, or standards. If every person loved themselves and accepted themselves, we would have a world of anxiety free individuals. We would solve problems, we would do things efficiently, we would realize, wow things don’t need to be made this way, or; I don’t need this, or; there is a cure to this, or; this doesn’t even exist….

So they make you think perfect people exist, they make you think there is something wrong with you, they make you think dependency is love, and you need them and they’re taking care of you. They make you think you can’t be happy unless you are getting it from something or someone else, and none of this is true.

Love is hard work. Love is waking up and looking in the mirror and staring at yourself; seeing one nostril is thicker than the other, and one eye is a little lower than the other. Love is having stretch marks, and a temper, and knowing that that’s okay. Love is eating well and exercising so your body is healthy, and knowing that you are beautiful no matter what size you are. Love is waking up and feeling like you can’t go on, but you stand up and get dressed anyway. Love is being nice to yourself, and being nice to others. Love is forgiving people when they hurt you again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again. Love is forgiving yourself. Love is staying up all night with a sick friend, or a sad friend, or even a happy one even if you’re tired. Love may not be a 6’3 prince charming with a glass slipper, or a DD bombshell, but maybe it’s a 5’2, struggling to make-ends-meet neighbor with a pen and paper and a sensitive heart.

Love is going to be hard; it’s going to be hard to see the good in time stealing your youth. That acne is going to be your worst enemy, and those gray hairs are going to make you cry, or sulk. But you’re still alive, and you’re still you, and it’s a good thing to be you, I think.

Love is going to be endless compromises with yourself and other people. Love is learning not to judge out of fear, or anger, or anything. That’s what I think. It’s good to think..So don’t let them fool you. I should probably go into more detail, but this was just a thought I’ve had for a while and it’s 2am…enough said.


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